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Give me 30 Minutes and I’ll give you a life with internal peace without having to go to the Himalayas because you guess it is difficult

When I was a little girl I loved enchanting stories. Maybe it was just a reminder to keep the magic close to my heart.


Years after years family and friends told me to grow up but fairy tales and mystical castles stayed buried in my heart.

As time passed by I grew up to be an adult who had to wear the cloak of societal protocol and norms. BUT never forgetting my love and belief in Magical realms. 

You're here because there is a hidden urge to change everything Right Now with a swish of a Magic Wand
And you know this is the perfect TIME

That nudge you feel too often is not going to go away. That little voice 

That poking in your mind is not going to leave you. (Are you still questioning me about that?)


Ah!!!! OK


Let me declare more boldly than earlier.

All of that nuisance (yes muggles call it so) that you had been hearing in your little-mass-called-brain is not going to go anywhere.


And I can't rant anymore to you if you are not ready to listen to me.


But, if you want to stay with me then listen........


So, just like you, I was shown that there is nothing called intuition. Or whatever they call it in your culture, society or religion. I was never told to shut it down but people never beware me about this, as they had no idea about this hocus pocus.


Well, so just like the good girl I thought I will be called frenetic that I love magic at the age of 18, or 25 or even after I became a mom. Anything magical can excite me so easily and motivate me to do the unbelievable.


So, now if we are on the same page, it is time to let me take your hand walk into the best things ever.

You might have felt that:


  • how you know all the answers to many greater problems in someone's life.

  • as though something hazardous is going to happen.

  • how even the strangers pour their heart onto your little shoulders.

  • why do you want to just break the norms of this society and do something only your heart sings to.

  • why you want to spend more time in nature or around animals than human beings.


Ahhhh.... I can go on and on.

Image by Christopher Campbell

It's because you are
Uniquely Empath

You are an empath which means your feel-o-meter is always on the highest possible level, which means you can walk into the shoes of others easily.

Oh, I didn't say BE into someone's shoes

Sorry, but that's what happens. You feel everything that someone goes through as though you are experiencing it substantially. 

("Hey Kirti! My life isn't a Sci-Fic movie")

Yeah, I know. But that's what happens to you and the problem begins right there.


You not only feel everything but actually absorb everything. 

Really not everything BUT every ENERGY.


As an empath, you absorb every energy and every dagger and every painful word and every emotion, even if it isn't yours. 

(Hint: have you cried over a sad scene of your fav flick)

If you find yourself struggling with:

does everything feel like a forced routine and burden sometimes?
Yes, and I want to feel awesome waking up every morning.

are you sure that you are absorbing or giving away your energy?
No, and I want to be clear about and set firm boundaries.

Do you make hasty changes without a clear action plan?
Yes, and I want to be more patient and be crystal clear while doing anything.

Do you keep yourself strict and does all things all alone?
Yes, and I want to enjoy every moment of life.

And you think you are sent to have the most joyous life on the earth.


And that is why I am here.

Hi I am Kirti Sharma, Energy Alchemist


I walked on this path all alone just like any old 90's teenagers who wanna try everything that just progresses their dopamine level to the most elevated state. I followed one mentor after another in search of a way out of it.

Now!!! Look I won't present a sugar-coated-glittery promise. I will be blunt about this coz I know this shit with 15 years of experience.

NO matter how easy I will show it to you, there will be obstacles on this path of understanding how to reclaim your gift of energy sensitivityhow to protect yourself from the energies of others and put on firm boundaries.

And that is why most people leave this path in between because this stuff is not for the petite-hearted.

BUT all I need is you and your dedication. No matter how hard this path of acknowledging your powers and being an energy worrier is, I will be there 'in sickness and in health, to be there and to cherish, until we are parted by death.' (Okay, that is a bit exaggerated)


But I will walk with you with each step to finally show you that you are not here to hide your love for enchanting things or your powers to understand people's energy.


But actually my friend, you are here to roar at the stars that you are a MAGIC. and you are ready to spread pixie dust in everyone's life.

1:1 Private Sessions

Receive 2X60 minutes private session with Kirti (with an option to add additional sessions at extra cost).

Personalised action steps

Supportive Community

Gather in a supportive community where questions and connections are celebrated and encouraged during your journey

 4X Integration Period

Embody the teachings and implement strategies and process in life during these integration weeks.

12 X Group Coaching calls

Attend three group calls per month of 90 minutes. During each call, we will dive into module topics and we provide coaching on specific areas of life.

Sisterhood Pod

Enjoy weekly check-ins with another queen in the program that will hold you accountable for your vision

Lifetime Access

Get unlimited access to all modules and recordings of the group calls, so you can rewatch and refresh as much as you need!

1:1 Voice access

Recieve quick voice notes coaching and guidance directly from Kirti between schedule group calls

Special Discounts

Attend future events, retreats and masterclasses with a unique members discount price

Together we will:

Challenge and Upgrade your stories and limiting beliefs so that you can experience your eternal power.

Claim your intuition and inner power so that you live a life with clarity and grace.

Connect back to timelines and lifetimes so that you can claim back your energy and heal the inner wounds.

Craft and tap into your soul story so that you can emerge as a Divine Feminine.

Explicate to you the ways to balance the duality so that you can reach the Eternal ONEness.

Celebrate each moment and win.

This is not for you if you:

Aren't committed to starting and pivoting your life in the next 90 days

Believe in quick and overnight success.

Aren't coachable and open to new ideas, perspectives and ways of being.

Want things to be done for you. You need to show up and take actions for yourself.

Image by Dim Hou

The impact our clients had

Understanding of their Life purpose so that you won't waste time searching for career

Deeper connection to their soul so that you tap into the voice of your higher self

Clear connection and healing of Inner Child so that you can fill your life with joy and giggles

Firm Boundaries so that you can stop giving away when you don't want and need to

Get back your energies from all timelines so that you start healing faster

Deeper relationship to Yourself so that you have the biggest support all the time

Boundless Self-Love so that your heart is full of love for self and everyone around

Balanced Energies and Meridians so that you can balance every aspect of your life

In a Nutshell

Soul Shift Accelerator is a perfect match for Empath women who are aware of some spiritual practices and are ready to be open about their sensitivity to energies, embracing and claiming their empath nature, connecting to themselves at the soul level, ready to be a leader by working on their lives and who are ready to live each day and every problem with ease, peace and grace.

By enrolling in Soul Shift Accelerator you get:

Access to the 4-month program

2X60 minutes private session with Kirti (with an option to add extra sessions)

12X90 minutes group call

An exclusive community of like-minded women

4X integration periods

1:1 audio message access for quick check-ins

Sisterhood pod for accountability and support

Practical resources and worksheets

Feminine and Masculine healing and balancing practices

Unique discounts for events, retreats and masterclasses

Lifetime access to all modules and recordings

Get ready to claim your powers the Goddess...

Whether you are a teenager, young adult, mom or a thriving entrepreneur it has never been a better time to embark on a new path that motivates you to embrace eternal peace and patience in every moment of life.

Let's show you how to find fun, peace, life purpose, trusting your rhythm, spark up your fire and balance the Duality to reach the Oneness you are always meant to be.
Support Group

You are one step closer to sparkling life

I am set and ready to pay the deposit and secure my spot! 
I have more questions before signing up
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