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Welcome to Day-2

Welcome to Day 2 of our Summit

You can spend your time to re-watch all the recordings later on and come back to learn more things from our speakers.

Actually, when we watch anything after an interval we can find a new point to learn.

That's why I encourage you to check the LifeTime Access Link.

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Sara Shirley

Sara is an intuitive healer, a spiritual teacher and a channel for Mary Magdalene. She’s passionate about helping women soften into who they truly are, and rise into their gifts and their fullest expression.


She loves trees and nature, dancing and singing, and she has the best orange tabby cat who’s also a magical healer.


If you want to learn more about 1:1 healer training with Sara or her divine feminine empowerment program channelled through Mary Magdalene, you can connect to her personally.


Bridget Riggs

Bridget's healing journey began with becoming a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner after being exposed to the magic of this 3000-year-old healing art.  She continued her education, gaining knowledge of the power of frequencies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, quantum physics, and many other forms of energy work.

Bridget worked as a technician in the Aerospace Industry, became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and earned bachelor's and master's degrees in Molecular Biology.  She then managed a research laboratory at a renowned cancer research center, and in 2017 also became a Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor.

Bridget is currently taking NO pharmaceuticals and has NO symptoms of Hashimoto's Disease. In May 2021 confirmed that she no longer has the disease.

With her experience, she is now showing the holistic path of healing to women.


Teresa Shantz

Teresa is on a personal mission to help others understand and embrace the spiritual part of their journey. From autoimmune disease to a debilitating psoriasis, her path eventually led her to reawakening past lives and understanding energy. Once she awakened the unseen part of her life and how she could heal herself, she began sharing with others the importance of working with the spiritual part of their lives.

This lifetime she served in the US AirForce, Full-time Homemaker/Mom, Massage Therapist/Healer, and now a full-time Spiritual Wayshower in the world. She loves living life by following her heart's desires and being enthusiastic about life.

She is co-owner of TNTSpiritWorks with her soulmate Tom and together they travel the world sharing Spiritual tools and techniques with others in how to keep your energy field clear, work with your psychic perceptions, connect with your team of Inner Guidance, and live life as enthusiastic as you possibly can.

Her favorite motto for life is:

"Life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey."


Sharan Sammi

Sharan is an inspirer, motivator and serial manifestor, with the aim of shining light everywhere she goes. As an Abundance Coach, Intuitive Healer & Manifesting Mentor,  Sharan empowers her clients to go from mediocre to manifesting their most magnificent life ever and creating an abundant legacy.

Being a natural psychic medium, she trained to become a Reiki Healer Master & Teacher, an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner ®, Licensed NLP Master Practitioner®, Infinite Possibilities Trainer® & a Certified Life Coach as well as now going through intensive training to become a Strategic Interventions Coach as well as a Positive Intelligence Corporate Trainer.

So from qualifying as a hairdresser at 18, achieving two University degrees, winning a brand-new car and holidays, to landing a permanent role on a Top UK TV soap without any prior acting experience & marrying her soul mate, Sharan truly lives by the principal “Life is what you make it!” She is known as a Serial Manifestor and also teaches Manifesting – Her Way to her clients.

Sharan really does live by her principals of “Living your Dream Life where Anything is Possible!”

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