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Why do they call me an Expert....

I wouldn’t say I am an expert in Spiritual Coaching, Meditation but  3500+ local and international women I have helped go from struggling with even small problems of life to easily calming themselves and dealing powerfully with their issues, would no doubt disagree.

It’s just one of the benefits of helping so many people beat struggling with problems of life and sensitivity to Energy after they have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months and even some years looking for a solution.

But this wasn’t always me. Before I threw myself into the world of Spiritual Coaching, Psychology, and Meditation I was just a web and graphic designer and it took a tonne of blood, sweat and tears (some of them were even mine, JK) to get to where I am today

So, that is why they call me an expert...and I’m incredibly proud of it, and of them.

As a transformationalist, I see past what others see and can conceptualize conceivable outcomes where others can't. I value taking things to a higher level-particularly when that level may be considered challenging or unattainable.

BUT WHY should you listen to ME:

  • Because I had been an Empath since birth for more than 3 decades.

  • Because I am the mom of an Empath boy for more than a decade And used all the steps to tackle him, a job, and my new business.

  • Because I can tap into and scan the energies of your Empath Child to find the things they can't share.

  • Because I had been working with Empath adults already for 15+ years.

  • But more than this I have all the experience and knowledge for creating powerful changes in the lives of Empath moms and kids.

  • Because I am a Certified Reiki Grandmaster and teacher since 2006. A certified hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner, and Life Coach.

  • In addition to this, I am an intuitive Meditation guide, Tarot Card Reader, Angel Therapist, Certified crystal, aroma and colour therapist, Galactic channel, medium, and psychic.

  • Because I had been using all the knowledge to create faster than ever changes in my 3500+ clients.


But above all of these...

Because I use every new knowledge on myself before using it with my clients.

So all you receive is a tested and loving solution.

Kirti Sharma is an Energy Alchemist + Psychologist


She helps people to take small steps to transform their lives from minor or major anxiety, loneliness, confusion, and sadness issues to live peaceful and happy life.


Kirti is an International Intuitive Counsellor for the past 15+ yrs. 


She is Co-Author of #1 International Best-Selling books: My Journey My Journal and Creating Your Legacy.


Her Expertise:

M.A. Psychology

Certified Reiki GrandMaster [since 2006]

Certified Realm Reader

Certified Master NLP Practitioner

Certified Life Coach

Certified Hypnotist


In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Angels Reader, Meditation Coach, Channel of Galactic Council, Psychic and Medium.

Kirti can scan the energy of her clients even at a distance and walk them through a personalised meditation that starts healing their life faster. Her personal power includes tapping into the energy field of her clients and detecting the blockages then clearing it up during the meditative session.

She had been working as an Intuitive Spiritual Coach since 2011. She had worked with more than 3500+ local and international clients.

The reason I do it is that I love it. I love being able to help people struggling with Spiritual confusion, Psychological issues and not much exposure to Meditation.

I love knowing that they can forever say buhbye to confusion seriously.


And in case you still have some nagging doubts, here are a few of my collection of love notes:


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