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Welcome to Day-1

Welcome, I invite you to spend your time watching these Videos and Interviews with incredible Expert Speakers who will enlighten your day with their experiences.

In this Summit, you will experience how difficult the journey as an empath is but no matter what happens our experts didn't quit.

And that is why I invite you to listen carefully to their life experiences as an empath and notice how similar your journey has been.

If you are here right now in this moment, then this is the only big sign from God/Universe that you are meant to dive deeper into your journey as an empath and understand your powers as an empath so that you can walk on the purpose you are sent for.

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Lia Moore

As an Authoritative Pioneer, Lia Moore is a wealth of Human Design knowledge and hopes to bring this enlightening information forward into the practical world of business on a large scale for small businesses. When not homeschooling her son, she dedicates her time to helping multi-passionate creatives and transformational leaders find clarity, confidence and certainty in their work, brand, message and impact in the world. She also fosters impactful change in her clients through the incorporation of somatic (body lead) energetics practices through the use of Kundalini yoga. It is here hope to create impact and income for all that come in contact with her.


Carine Sroujian

As an intuitive Coach, a Healer, Yoga Teacher, Inspirational Speaker and Professional Singer, Carine empowers highly sensitive people, spiritual seekers, and lightworkers to break free of their inner blocks, activate their confidence, and step into their power so they can awaken their magic.


Her signature "Awaken Your Magic" method helps clients and students transform, find joy and be more abundant through powerful healing techniques like Energy Work, Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Tantra, self-love, play, meditation, and more. Carine currently works with clients through her Awaken your Magic Mastermind, and has previously worked within the corporate and education spaces with clients like Google, Stantec, Youth Wellness Network and more.


Erica Snyder

Erica Snyder is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, mama of three, and lifelong educator. She works with stressed moms to help them get grounded, find more time in their day for themselves, and create routines and structures that support a holistic lifestyle.


Through Ayurveda, yoga, and breathwork, her clients reconnect to their bodies and learn to trust themselves & their intuitive knowledge to create the life they desire. 


Joy Woodward

Joy Woodward is a Numerologist.

She is an author of The Beginner's Guide to Numerology, an Amazon Best Seller!

She is also a TV host on CATV1

This 2-day summit will be available for you to watch absolutely FREE for a short 24-hour window!

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